Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pesonen Picture of the Week

"Pesonen and the Pens" blog's Janne Pesonen Picture of the Week is the one posted below. Why am I posting it here? Because I just can't get enough of that GOLD HELMET!! Check it out!! I'm curious to know if he (or someone) polishes it before every game.


OJ_two said...

Well, in the Finnish league the top scorer of each team wears a golden helmet. And if you have a golden helmet, it has to be shiny, doesn't it?

Stephanie said...

I understand it's worn by the top-scorer of each team in the Finnish league -- I'm just mesmorized by it (we don't see things like that over here)!

I would hope it would be shiny and I guess that would involve polishing it before every game(silly me)!!

Could you just see that implemented in the NHL? Check-city, baby (it just screams, "HIT ME!")!!

THANKS for posting a comment!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I know that where I'm from it would "scream" way more than "hit me" (which in Pesonen's case I would do in less than a nanno-second) especially since he's so pretty.