Sunday, September 14, 2008

According to PPG, Talbot's Friend Owes Him for "a Shot"

For all of you who aren't aware, Pittsburgh Penguin Max Talbot has a close friend who plays at the ECHL level of hockey.  Jean-Michel Daoust and Talbot were former linemates in junior hockey.  The only reason I know is because Talbot attended a Johnstown Chiefs game last season to watch Daoust and the Cincinnati Cyclones play against them (read about it HERE).

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Daoust has Talbot to thank for his chance at this year's Penguins Prospects camp.
"We knew of him, because he was one of the top scorers in the ECHL," assistant general manager Chuck Fletcher said yesterday.  "But clearly, without Max vouching for his character and putting in a good word, he wouldn't have been here."
Daoust, who is participating in the Penguins' prospects camp, said Talbot approached management on his own but acknowledged seeking career advice from him after those player-of-the-month honors in the ECHL did not translate to an offer to move to the American Hockey League.
"I called to ask him what to do," Daoust said.  "He told me he would talk to Pittsburgh, but he didn't promise anything."
"Later, e called and told me he talked with [Fletcher] for about 15 minutes, bu t, again, he didn't promise me anything.  Two days later, I got called up."
To read the entire article, visit the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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