Sunday, September 21, 2008

Injury Report

I forgot to mention Rob Scuderi in this report yesterday!!

Rob Scuderi

  • Scuderi has not participated in practices since last Thursday due to bruised ribs.
  • He says the injury isn't "too serious" -- "But it affects everything -- every time you try to move, you aggravate it," Scuderi said. "It's frustrating. The first couple of days were tough, but I feel pretty good now." Scuderi, who was injured in the first scrimmage of camp, said he should return to practice "in a couple of days."

Michel Therrien

  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that Therrien has bruised ribs, but an article posted on the Pittsburgh Penguins webpage reports that he has 2 broken ribs which I believe I read somewhere else but can't remember where.
  • Although Therrien suffered the injury during training camp last Thursday when Keven Veilleux fell into him, he was present at last night's pre-season game against Tampa Bay walking to the bench more gingerly than usual.
Sergei Gonchar
  • Pittsburgh Penguins webpage reports that Gonchar suffered a shoulder injury and is being re-evaluated today.
  • Gonchar was injured during the 1st period of the Penguins first pre-season game against the Tampa Bay Lightning last night when LW David Koci slammed him into the boards. He was slow to get up and could barely get over the wall to make it to the bench; I could tell right away he was hurt by the grimmace on his face. He headed for the locker room soon after and was out for the rest of the game.
  • Pittsburgh defenseman Brooks Orpik told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the hit was late, but wasn't dirty (that didn't stop Alex Godard from seeking redemption in the 2nd period!).
    • Here's Koci's take on it: "I think it was pretty clean. I came with speed. My hands were down. I hit him exactly when he passed the puck. I think it was a clean hit. I hope I didn’t hurt him. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I’m just trying to make a spot on this team, try to play hard. I’m sorry for what happened. I feel bad. I just want to play hard. I didn’t mean to do something dirty."
    • That's an admirable answer; he apologized for Gonchar getting hurt and states he didn't want to hurt him and I can understand playing with intensity when your playing for a chance to make the team -- I guess you can't really blame the guy.
  • With Gonchar's absence last night, we saw ALOT of Alex Goligoski; he's a solid player and I would guess he has a spot on the team, but if Gonchar's injury ends up keeping him out for any length of time, I would assume his spot is guaranteed.

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