Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Didn't We Get the First Time, Hossa?!

Just in case we all didn't quite get it the first time around, a Detroit writer asks Marian Hossa to discuss why he chose the Detroit Red Wings over the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It's really simply, HE WANTS TO PLAY ON A WINNING TEAM [because he isn't aware of how unlikely it is that the team that already won the Stanley Cup last year will win it again this year].

What don't they understand?!

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, Hossa took the ice with his new winning teammates at the Joe Louis Arena yesterday.

“It’s my decision and I try to get the best chance to win the Cup and I felt like this is the team to be (with) and that’s why I sign with Detroit,” said Hossa.
Hossa said that he doesn't care what the criticisms have been and that it's ultimately what he wanted. His decision was based on the fact that he feels that Detroit continues to posess the same qualities he believes helped them win in the first place - qualities that gives them the edge over Pittsburgh. He does pay Pittsburgh compliments but it seems like all he's doing it pointing out the reasons why he didn't stay with the team (can we read between the lines? Decide for yourself).

“Basically, it’s simple. There was a few teams in play, but my decision was between Pittsburgh and Detroit. Detroit won because the team stayed together and it’s a strong hockey team, a strong organization. "Don’t want to take anything from Pittsburgh. I had a great time there, unbelievable young players and great group. But I just feel, you know, a little bit better chance here.”
In other words, Hossa thinks that the Pens are young and inexperienced (threw "great" in there just to be nice about it) and feels that the team and organization isn't strong enough to make it in the time he wants to win. Good things come to those who wait, Whore-sa - your loss (definitely not ours; you look better in red anyway)!!

I'm sorry, but how does one learn that about a team from only being a member for a short 3 months, especially when it seemed that he pretty much kept to himself. The vibes I always got from him never made me feel like he wanted to be part of the team (I've said that many times before).

It must've been "Hossa Media Day" yesterday because I found another article featuring Hossa on detnews.com, but this one has him admitting that he may or may not stay in Detroit after this year -- so don't get too attached, Detroit!!

"I look at it like I'm here for one year," Hossa said after an informal skate with some of his new teammates. "During the year, we'll see how the cap room is going to stay or move. Then we'll talk with the GM (Ken Holland) and see if they like me to stay here or I like to be here, if I'm a good fit in the group. We don't know yet. We'll see in the future. It's tough to say right now."

Hossa's focus is on this season and only this season right now. That's why he signed with the Wings for less money and security than he could have been guaranteed elsewhere.
WHATEVER!! One thing will always remain a constant - Hossa will always be a horse's ass in my book!! See you on November 11th, asshole!

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