Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Send Your Caption Idea to the Detroit News!

A picture is worth 1,000 words (maybe more for this one)!!

Yesterday, Empty Netters posted this picture and reported on the fact that David Guralnick of the Detroit News' Wing Blog is looking for readers to submit a "fun caption" for this pictures.

I am SO CERTAIN that Pens Nation could come up with a few good ones, so I decided to post it here so that all of you can send your ideas to Mr. Guralnick (but be quick, the time to submit your captions is 8 PM this evening); however, I must warn you that the winner receives an 8X12 of the photo - WOW (I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing -- you could use it for target practice)!

Here's the post (catch the part about Conklin's new mask - how quickly we change sides - sad!):
Marian Hossa and Ty Conklin were at practice today at the Joe. Conklin was still wearing his Penguins mask but his new one, adorned with an octopus, seems to be ready to go. I wanted to whip up a fun caption about what these two are laughing about, but nothing witty came to mind. Perhaps you can do better. The funniest entry posted in the comments gets a free 8x12 print of this image. Deadline is Tuesday at 8pm ET.
I think this guy is just asking for trouble!!

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