Friday, September 12, 2008

Slightly Disappointed

[UPDATE] So, guys, if you don't want to be attacked like a helpless injured puppy in a pack of rabid dogs, then I suggest not posting an opinion on the LGP message board!! That was my lesson today, folks (sometimes I'm just SO nieve!)!!

I guess they all just put me in my place over there (no one can start a conversation so that we can voice our opinions like adults -- we have to rip into each other)!! Well, THAT WAS FUN!!


OK - I'll preface this post by saying that I am VERY THANKFUL that I was able to get a 6-pack mini-plan again this year and realize that my husband and I are among the lucky fans who will be attending Pens games this year; however -

I received my tickets in the mail yesterday - I wasn't expecting much, but I was expecting at least what I received last year: a nice little folder containing the tickets. How did I receive the tickets this year? In a Mellon Arena ticket envelope with my 12 tickets that was placed in another envelope to send them through the mail. How disappointing!

As I said, I realize I'm lucky and am so very grateful for being able to be at a few games this year and I am somewhat ashamed that I'm even mentioning this petty little thing but why couldn't they make the "Waiting List" members feel just as special as the season ticket holders by placing our tickets in a nice little Penguins folder (like last year)? My money to reserve our place on the list and to purchase 12 tickets to games this year is just as good as the money coming from the season ticket holder! Granted, they fork over more money which is why we should receive different items with our tickets (on a smaller scale) -- we don't even get to choose whether or not we go to games with a promotion this year!

Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I being too picky? I just feel like with my luck, they'll decide to end the special gifts that come with the season tickets and I'll have missed out on that too!!

And then, I receive my letter today about purchasing tickets to select individual games before they go on sale to the general public which is nice; however, "Waiting List" members get a choice of 4 games whereas STH get a choice of 5 different games INCLUDING "Fan Appreciation Night." Is it me or does this not make much sense? Why would STH - who more than likely have tickets to all the games need additional tickets? Wouldn't you want to provide more tickets to those fans who aren't able to go to each and every game especially the "Fan Appreciation Night"!! STH will be going that evening -- now they're able to get tickets for other people when "Waiting List" members don't get the opportunity to go!! And limiting tickets to 3?? I would rather they limit it to 2 because if you're going to go with people, how many times is it 1 other person?? It's usually 2 (as in the case with my husband and I - we would like to go with 2 of our friends)!! I understand what they're trying to do but it just doesn't make sense and someone should've thought this through a little more.

But the bottom line is that I'm going to some Penguins games this season and that's all that should matter!

If anyone has any thoughts, please feel free to e-mail me or post a comment!!

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