Thursday, September 11, 2008

PHOTOS: Curious to See the Season Ticket Tins?

"schreibdog," a poster over at the LGP message board, was nice enough to share pictures of the tin the season ticket holders received their tickets in (along with a few other items - listed below)!!

Here's what you get to look forward to for those of you that are on the "Waiting List"!!
  • season tickets
  • "Season in Review" DVD
  • Season Ticket Holder Handbook
  • lapel pin -- I'm now told this is a keychain (not a lapel pin)


THANKS again to "schreibdog" over at LGP for sharing the photos!!


Anonymous said...

The little pin is actually a key chain- and there is only 1 of them. Last year it was a little nicer-with 2 lapel pins-personalized season ticket holder stickys. Wonder why- only 1 for two tickets..? No biggie I guess just curious- I am biased-last year Malkin handed me the package- this year a UPS guy did- and the tin was dinged up a little..

Stephanie said...

I thought it looked more like a keychain (but I wasn't going to question someone who got one personally because I DIDN'T)!!

That must be a major let-down getting it in the mail after having it handed to you by Malkin!! COOL - THANKS for posting the comment -- if you're willing to send pictures or sharing a little story about your delivery last year, I'd be thrilled!! I'm tickled you posted anyway!! THANKS again!!


Anonymous said...

Yes It was cool last year and I saw that he didn't deliver any this year so that makes me cooler I guess...
Check out the video on youtube
My delivery is like 2:22 in...
He was so cool and I was literally in shock that he was standing there-as we had no idea who was going to show up. I had that yellow vintage jersey made special during his rookie year-just because and I had it ready on the off chance that he would come-but we thought he was still in Russia. Don't forget-this is before his big explosion last season. It was kind of tough with the language barrier-but he did whatever we asked and was so awesome. It was definitely cool.

Jay1212a said...

hey i was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell their keychain. email me at