Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Hockey Mom's Perspective: Linda Staal

There's been plenty of talk about Sarah Palin being a hockey mom (and her recent comparison of hockey moms to pit bulls); however, Empty Netters believes that Sarah Palin is no Linda Staal and I have to agree!

TheStar.com asked five hockey moms (one of which was Linda Staal) five questions about their take on "hockey moms." Here is what the hockey mom of 4 had to say:

  1. Is Palin right about the pit bull? Yes, there are some moms that you could definitely put into that category. I, for one, enjoyed watching them (her sons) play and never got too worked up about the things I couldn’t control.
  2. Your definition of a "hockey mom"? Being supportive, but not giving them too much information because they get enough from the coaches.
  3. Your favoured shade of lipstick? To tell the truth, I don’t wear any yet. If I did, it would be a light pink.
  4. A memorable pit bull moment? Don’t have one. I would be content to sit with a few moms away from the crowd.
  5. What hockey mom traits would benefit a politician? To get along and work hard with a lot of different people that you come across over the years.

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