Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hossa is WRONG Yet Again!!

You would think that Marian Hossa would try to keep a low profile after dissing the Penguins and signing a 1-year deal with the Detroit Redwings; however, he continues to run at the mouth freely -- [you can insert foot at anytime now, douchebag!]!!

Not only has Hossa openly admitted that he feels the Red Wings are better than the Penguins, now he's cutting on team captain Sidney Crosby when he most recently commented to the Windsor Star on the comparison between him and new linemate Pavel Datsyuk.
In the past six months, the speedy winger has had the opportunity to play with arguably the two most creative centres in hockey in Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby and his new pivot man in Detroit Pavel Datsyuk "They're different players," Hossa said in comparing the two. "Sidney is more a skater and Pavel is more a playmaker."

Hossa has also found Datsyuk the more unpredictable of the two. The 29-year-old Slovak star admits he's quickly learned not to try and anticipate, just be ready to react when riding shotgun with Datsyuk.

"He's a great passer," Hossa said. "He always gets the puck to you. You just have to make sure you get open. ... You don't even have to say anything, he sees you even when you're behind him. "Basically, you just get ready for the shot."
Hossa needs to learn how to shut his piehole (however, he is creating quite an abundance of "bulletin board" material for the Penguins!)!! Or maybe just get his facts straight before he opens his mouth!

As pointed out by YAHOO'S Puck Daddy, Hossa is letting everyone know that he feels Datsyuk is a much better offensive center than Crosby! However, Puck Daddy also pointed out some very valid stats which leads them to believe that you would definitely choose Crosby to build a team unless your goal was to win just one game (um, OK!). Here's a few excerpts from Puck Daddy's post:

Two interesting stats from last season, from Behind The Net: Datsyuk averaged 2.76
points per 60 minutes, while Crosby blew the doors off him with an average of 3.38.

On the power play, it's a reversal of fortune: Datsyuk averages 5.74 points per 60 minutes, while Crosby averages 5.02. (Taking into account that Crosby's injury last season muddled some of these numbers.) So they both have their virtues.

In the end, Crosby is always going to be a player who (like Mario before him) will make his linemates better -- at least that's what the Penguins are praying for with Miro Satan.

Can the same be said of Datsyuk? Or is he more a product of the talent around him?

Perhaps, Hossa is just trying to talk himself into believing all of this bullcrap knowing all too well that he made the biggest mistake of his career by signing with the Red Wings; the only thing left is for everyone else (outside of Pens Nation) to realize that; and that time can't come soon enough!!

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"Can the same be said of Datsyuk? Or is he more a product of the talent around him?"

This is my personal opinion.