Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Word on Gonchar

As of this morning, there hasn't been any word from the Penguins organization about Sergei Gonchar or an update on his injury.

I had posted on Monday that Savran on Sportsbeat reported that Gonch was to have his MRI and an update would be released to the media yesterday; however, still nothing.

I have read speculation that he may be out for weeks but no one knows for sure at this point (but I'm sure whether or not it's a serious injury I would bet that they'd keep him from playing anymore games in the pre-season as a precaution); however, when I hear of anything, you can be sure it'll be posted here.

I also meant to mention that after looking at the highlight video of the hit Gonchar took against the boards a few times, when he finally made it back up on his skates, it appeared that his arm was "hanging" freely -- PLEASE -- the LAST thing I want to do is start rumors! This is just my humble opinion. His left arm looked like it was moving strangely - like it was just "hanging" there (as if it was out of the socket).

Like I said, as soon as I'm aware of anything on Gonchar, I'll make sure the rest of you know -- so keep checking back for any updates!

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Anonymous said...

I agree i also thought He was favoring His left arm, but maybe when You have a shoulder injury, maybe it is all connected. I don't know.

I think they know more than they are telling us.

It is just soooooo weird that nothing has been said. I don't always like the saying,no news is good news.

I love Sarge but this will give Goose a chance to do what He does.