Monday, September 22, 2008

Let the Hossa Hilarity Begin (EAT IT, Detroit!) (online site for the Detroit News) has another article on Marian Hossa, but this one I find more amusing than the others. It reports that he skipped going golfing with his new teammates because of "tightness in his back" last Thursday.

Problems with his back - eh? Could this be the beginning of a nagging problem that will keep him from helping (or even hinder) Detroit make it's second run at the Stanley Cup? I can only hope! Although an even more fitting ending would be the Penguins and Redwings making it through the playoffs for a repeat SCF, but this time the Penguins win the Stanley Cup and Hossa will try to come back because it will make the Penguins the new flavor of the month and Ray Shero will have to tell him, "thanks, but NO THANKS!"

Although he was pampering his back, Hossa was able to play a round on Friday and was expected to be on the ice for the first day of training camp on Saturday.

"No big deal," Hossa said Friday morning. "It's just a little tight so I want to make sure it's safe. Don't worry.

"It's OK with the skating."

WHATEVER, Hossa, you little tramp!

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