Saturday, September 27, 2008

'Slap Shot' Icon Dies at 83

Paul Newman, star of the 1977 iconic hockey movie, "Slap Shot," died yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

Newman was an Academy Award-winning actor whose list of hit movies is vast, but is probably best known among hockey fans playing Reggie Dunlop, the veteran player / coach of the Charlestown Chiefs, in "Slap Shot."

He was 83.

Here are some other blogs / sites with tributes to the great Paul Newman / Reggie Dunlop:

If you've never watched Slap Shot (you're not yet a true hockey fan and), I suggest you watch it this weekend as tribute to Reggie Dunlop! It is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE hockey movie as it is Sid's (about 8 seconds into the "Hot Seat" video) and other Penguins'. You are definitely missing out on a great hockey comedy -- perhaps the BEST of ALL TIME!! Here's a clip to give you a taste of what you're missing!!

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