Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not Much to Discuss

Only one post today?

Yes. I'm just as surprised, but it may be because I got to a late start browsing the internet for news since I was watching the live feed of the Penguins game last night and busy updating my game post; and I'm just worn out from the day-long debate I had yesterday! Speaking of which, those of you who are posting comments, you may not have noticed, but I switched the settings to "moderate" since the gang trickled over to posting here and I thought it was best to do it (for now). When you post a comment, it won't automatically appear until I give the "OK" (in case you thought there was something wrong). After a couple of days when things die down a little, I'll allow you to post your little hearts out without my overseeing it!!

Back to the issue at hand, I'll probably look for more later and post when I can - nothing interesting out there yet, but check back - I'm sure I'll wake up soon (I think I found more to write about during the off-season than I have so far today)!

I'm just happy there's hockey to watch / listen to!!


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