Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Training Camp Report

OK - I can't make it to camp, so I'm depending on anyone who is nice enough to provide some observations (and perhaps pictures)!! I welcome any and all of my readers to e-mail me - PLEASE!!

Reports I've been finding throughout the internet are conflicting, so this is really dependent on who you're talking to and how many have the same opinion (if there's one nay and the rest are YEA, then we could possibly assume it's YEA). For instance, there's been several reports on Pesonen which have been conflicting -- one has him looking awesome while the other says he's been a big disappointment. So my only suggestion to my readers would be to take this information for what it's worth and reserve your opinion until you're able to see them for yourself (hopefully this Saturday) -- I am!!

Here's a few observations I gathered from those lucky enough to attend practice to watch the Pens play today (most of which is pretty positive and only intensifies my need for hockey to start!):
  • lines seen practicing (at the second session): Staal - Malkin - Sykora
  • lines seen during Session 1: Dupuis - Sid - Satan (Satan scored twice during a scrimmage and one fan says he has "tremendous" hands)
  • D-lines: Orpik / Gonchar, Eaton / Letang, Gill / Scuderi, and Sydor / Goligoski
  • Pesonen looked pretty good (nice hands, determination, made some good decisions with the puck; also very fast) -- in one person's opinion he IS making the team (they're 100% certain; feels he and Satan were the best players picked up during this off-season)
  • Staal not looking good [I like the Staal - Malkin - Sykora line; I've said it many times before. It seems to be cohesive and a solid line when Therrien used it before - Malkin and Sykora know each others moves while Malkin elevates Staal's game; however, if Staal is not able to play to the level we all know he can, I would rather see him at Center -- I'm hoping he's not doing this in order to play Center on another line like we all know he wants to]
  • Fleury's rebounding has reached an "elite level" [WOW!]
  • Kennedy is playing like he is aware his spot isn't set in stone [I'm tellin' ya -- this kid's a little go-getter!]
  • Crosby and Satan appear to have a good chemistry [that's good to hear!]
  • the team seems to be gelling (looking so much better than they did starting camp last season)

ALL GOOD reports so far; I'll be posting updates as I come across them (so I don't get behind and have a ton of stuff to juggle when posting)!!

Again, if anyone has any information, please feel free to contact me so I can share it with my readers. THANKS!!

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