Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prospects Tournament Finale

SUNDAY, 09/14 (against Florida Panthers)
The Pittsburgh Penguins prospects lost in Sunday's game against Florida 5-2. There was also a post-game scoring change for Saturday's game against the Maple Leafs - one of Joey Haddad's 2 goals was taken away and given to Mark Letestu.

Scoring Stats:
Casey Pierro-Zabotel - 1 goal
Jean-Michel Daoust - 1 assist
Keven Veilleux - 1 assist
Dustin Jeffrey - 1 goal (unassisted)

Aaron Boogaard continued to show physical presence by dropping the gloves twice during this game.

Here's Penguins Insider's take on Boogaard:

For me, I think one of the most interesting developments of the Kitchener tournament was that Aaron Boogaard arrived in ill humor. Boogaard won two fights, grabbed one guy from behind to prevent him from getting to the bench before pummeling him, slew footed some other dude and picked up at least 34 penalty minutes. This is precisely what Boogaard needed to show -- nastiness.

To see TSN.com highlight video of the game, click HERE!!

MONDAY, 09/15 (against Ottawa Senators)
The Penguins prospects won their finale game against Ottawa 3-1.

Scoring Stats:
Jason Legault - 1 goal
Casey Pierro-Zabotel - 1 goal
Dustin Jeffrey - 1 goal
Tim Wallace - 1 assist

Both Luca Caputi and Alex Grant were kept out of games Sunday and Monday for precautionary reasons -- Caputi has a bruised hip and Grant was knocked around in a fight during Saturday's game.

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