Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pre-Season Game #2 Summaries (and My Thoughts)

Another great game between the Penguins and Bolts last night! Penguins continue to look good (or sound like they look good as was the case last night). If this pre-season is any indication as to what the regular season holds, we're in pretty good shape and in for a treat! These 2 games have been very physical and fast-paced which is no surprise since alot of these players are competing for a roster spot -- it makes for very interesting games!!

I LOVE the fights and the Penguins physical presence on the ice!! A lot of us fans were concerned about the loss of physicality on the team, but I really don't think we have to worry -- there's plenty of that to go around -- Godard, Bissonnette, Boogaard; the only thing may be the fact that some of these players will be sent down to the AHL - we'll have to wait and see, but as it stands now, we have plenty of physical presence to make up for what we lost AND THEN SOME!!

Here are the Game Summary and Event Summary from last night pre-season game against Tampa Bay posted on the Pittsburgh Penguins webpage.

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