Thursday, September 18, 2008

Training Camp Roster / Lines

I only mentioned a few of the Penguin lines in my previous post, but I found more of them and I've listed to below, including those already mentioned (this roster is 2 players over the limit, but I'm certain we'll be hearing plenty of speculation as to which players will be "sent packing"):

  • Dupuis-Crosby-Satan
  • Staal-Malkin-Sykora
  • Cooke-Talbot-Fedotenko
  • Pesonen-Taffe-Kennedy
  • Stone-Beech-Godard
  • Gonchar-Orpik
  • Eaton-Letang
  • Gill-Scuderi
  • Sydor-Goligoski
  • Fleury-Sabourin
There's been alot of talk that Dupuis seems to be more fit for the third line (not first line with Sid) and perhaps Pesonen's speed would benefit the line as well. I agree that Dupuis should be on the third line -- I was never sold on him especially after he didn't do much in the playoffs (I'm actually still not sold on him); I'm willing to give Pesonen a chance on the top line. My husband also brought up an interesting thought that Talbot would be a good first-line player. Honestly, either Talbot or Pesonen thrills me more than Dupuis.

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"Honestly, either Talbot or Pesonen thrills me more than Dupuis."

I am in TOTAL agreement.

Personally I feel Pesonen (speed/scoring) is the best fit with Crosby. Mostly because he's fast. We've needed more speed on Sids line all last year. And as an added bonus, Pesonen is obviously an excelent scorer.

Where I'm going with this line of thought is that if the opposing team puts all their attention on Crosby, then Pesonen is gonna eat them for dinner. If they switch their attention to him, then Sid'll get em.

I can think of no reason to change the Staal-Malkin-Sykora line. The longer their together the better their going to get. I thought they did super good against the Red Wings last year.