Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gonchar Injury Update (FINALLY!)

[picture to the left: My thoughts exactly Sarge!!]

Although it's not as detailed as we were hoping for (or anything close to a definite answer to any of our burning questions), here's some current news on Sergei Gonchar and his shoulder injury which I'm SO ECSTATIC about because there's only so many ways you can say "he's getting an MRI" before it starts to sound like nothing.

According to reports from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it seems the hold-up is that the doctors have been waiting until the swelling in Gonchar's left shoulder goes down before putting him through any tests which may include the MRI that we've all heard so much about for the past few days.

"Indications" still lead the PPG to believe that Gonchar will be out for some time (whenever THAT is!).

Not much, but it's something!! Keep checking here for more updates!!

And on a similar note (one which I so coincidentally mentioned again today in an earlier post), the PPG is also reporting that Penguins head coach, Michel Therrien, "missed practice while having his two broken ribs re-evaluated."


Anonymous said...

The five words i did not want to hear,
..."be out for some time"

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

When you have a sepreated sholder, it feels like you have about a ton of weight pulling down on your hand/weist/forearm. Yes, they do swell, lots. But you can't really see it externally. Makes you feel like a blow-up frog.

confucius said...

how long is his injury gonna last?

confucius said...

it has been forever