Saturday, September 13, 2008

Season Ticket Tins (More Pictures and Info)

A season ticket holder posted a LiVEJOURNAL entry entitled "Christmas Morning" about receiving his season tickets and how it never gets old.

I can only wait and hope that delivery of my first season tickets will be the first season in the new stadium (maybe sooner if less fans choose to renew each year)!

There were also more pictures and information about the ticket tins. I'm so appreciative of all the STH willing to share all these photos / information about this so we "waiting list members" can see what we can look forward to!

  • this year, the media guide is digital (on DVD) - STH receive a "coupon" in the tin to present at a customer service location to receive it during any regular season game

  • STH receive another "coupon" to pick up their 2008-2009 yearbook after December 1st

  • here's a closer look at the STH keychain which is really cool!

  • and here's a picture of the "Town Hall Meeting" ticket

  • And here's a shot of the tickets which feature one of the core players on each of them (this one has Malkin).

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