Sunday, May 31, 2009

LATE Pre-Game News

Boucher is out (Bylsma wants to play 6 D-men to create offense); and Dupuis is IN!!

Draper and Datsyuk are still out for Game 2.

the Penguins held an optional skate this morning and the only players to participate were Tyler Kennedy, Craig Adams, and Philippe Boucher along with a few more players that weren't in last night's lineup: Pascal Dupuis, Eric Godard, Dustin Jeffrey, Chris Minard, Petr Sykora, Jeff Taffe, Mike Zigomanis, Alex Goligoski, Ben Lovejoy, and goaltenders Mathieu Garon and John Curry.

Game 1 Overview (DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!)

I think I'm going to try something a little different since this is the Stanley Cup final and I want to do something special.

Like many Penguins blogs, I get an e-mail from Jim Shearer with a link to the most recent video highlights of the last Penguins game called "Yinz Luv 'Da Guins!" Today was no different, so I'm posting the video here as an overview of last night's game.

Here's some of the points that Jim makes which sums the game up pretty well:
  • lucky bounces went Detroit's way (and they got a couple of soft goals)
  • the bounces could've just as easily gone the Pens way last night too
  • Penguins got shots on net and scored (which is more goal than they had in Game 1 in last year's SCF)
  • it's not over (it's only Game 1)
  • we'll get them in Game 2

So enjoy this episode of "Yinz Luv 'Da Guins!" (THANKS Jim!)!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pre-Game News

Lidstrom & Ericsson - in, Draper & Datsyuk - out
"Lidstrom and Ericsson will play," Babcock said. "Draper's unavailable. Datsyuk's unavailable."

"We've tried a number of things and it hasn't responded the way we first anticipated. Our medical people are trying everything they can and he's trying everything he can. He'll be back as soon as he can. That's all I can tell you."
is set for 8:00 PM

courtesy of, CLICK HERE to watch their 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Tribute!!! It's sure to get you ready for the game!!!

To Get You UP Before the Game!!

Just in case you're not pumped up enough for the game tonight, here's a few things that may "set the mood!"

OH -- and the Pens are encouraging fans to display 26 X 16 yard signs to show support (available at Dick's Sporting Goods stores), CLICK HERE TO READ MORE & for pariticipating stores.


The Mellon Arena crew paint the new "Stanley Cup Final" logo on the ice!!

Stanley Cup Final
Detroit Red Wings

In net tonight: Chris Osgood

Limited tickets available for Sunday's Game 2 (05/28/2009)

Detroit Free Press
PANORAMIC PHOTO 360 degrees of the Red Wings Jersey (05/30/2009)
Datsyuk out, Ericsson in for Game 1 against Pens (05/30/2009)
Spirit of Detroit shines in Red Wings jersey (05/30/2009)
Pittsburgh better prepared this time around (05/30/2009)
Wings' team DJ has a song for everything (05/30/2009)

The Detroit News
Wings' Datsyuk out for Game 1 (05/30/2009)
Some say Penguins are hungrier, but don't tell that to the Red Wings (05/30/2009)
Game 2 at 8 p.m. (05/30/2009)

Morning Sun

PAT CAPUTO: Tradition and history on Detroit's side (05/30/2009)

Winging It In Motown blog
WIM makes its Stanley Cup picks (05/30/2009)
Datsyuk, Draper Out; Ericsson In (05/30/2009)
Part 4: Coaching, Special Teams, Intangibles (05/30/2009)
Part 3: Wings O vs. Pens D (05/29/2009)
Part 2: Pens O vs Wings D (05/29/2009)
Part 1: Fleury vs. Osgood (05/28/2009)

Which Team Has the Most Riding on the SCF?

In my opinion, it's the Red Wings - HANDS-DOWN!!!! And there is one player in partcular who has even more riding on it than any other player on that team and you know exactly who he is (I'll give you a hint: it's none other than Marian Hossa)!! And I also think that the Pens have alot of the advantage.


Red Wings (RW): have the pressure of defending the Cup (it is theirs to lose)
Pens (P): have no real pressure besides completely choking which I do not think is possible

RW: had a pretty good season ending up 2nd in the Western Conference so its expected of them to do well
P: had a slow start that got worse as the season progressed until changes were made in February; they're now on a roll

RW: are known for their ability to be "unphased" by teams which I don't think will be so easy to do with the Pens especially since they didn't play them with the new elements making up their team ("missing pieces" that have completed this team)
P: have the experience under their belts and the advantage of knowing their opposition since Detroit is unchanged as far as the make-up of their team (they're familiar with what they're up against)

RW: have been forced to back-up Hossa and his assanine remarks that he chose to sign with a team that would give him the best chances of winning the Cup
P: have the motivation of Hossa's statements and his leaving the team high and dry; they have something to prove which fuels the motivation

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History


The Penguins beat Chicago in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup final making it the second post-season shutout for goalie Tom Barrasso who stopped a total of 27 shots.

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's War!!

Some of you may recall a previous post about my office hiring a judge about a year or so ago hailing from the Michigan area and how we've been harrassing each other all season long.

He even approached me prior to the Playoffs to make a bet as to this year's SCF Champion (with the loser treating the winner to lunch), so now the battle lines have been drawn and it's all-out war!!

He didn't even wait until Detroit's win Wednesday night before taunting us by bringing in memorabilia to decorate his office and even handed out Red Wings logos to the more die-hard Pens fans in the office (pictured below).

Well, to be polite, I held on to that logo and came up with the perfect use for it yesterday:

The amusing part about all of this is that our Chief Judge is on vacation and made him the acting Chief in the office until his return which will more than likely be after the SCF, so he can harrass us as much as he sees fit (to a point; see below -- its a portion of an email sent out to our office prior to our Chief leaving for vacation):

I will be out of the country and on vacation from May 28 to June 9, 2009. I have asked Judge ________ to serve as Acting HOCALJ during my absence on the condition that he not require the removal of any of the numerous Penguins signs posted throughout the office. Moreover, he can not engage in undue boasting in the unlikely event the Redwings win the Stanley cup.
I am SO going to enjoy this series -- LET'S GO PENS!!!!

Detroit Free Press - Pulling Out All the Stops

Stirring up a little SCF rivalry (like there isn't enough already!), The Detroit Free Press' cartoonist has created a flash game they've called "Smack a Penguin."
Need to work off some aggression before and during the Stanley Cup Finals? Simply use your mouse and click away to put those pesky Pittsburgh Penguins on ice.

Didn't get enough? Check this out -- Detroit Free Press is calling for all artistic Wings fans (great posterboard material):

That's So MAF (musings of a Penguins goalie)!

Do you remember this?

Fleury does AND the media who brought it up to him today more than enough times yesterday won't let him forget it.

CLICK HERE to watch Jory Rand of KDKA-TV News interview Fleury about this topic yesterday.

PREVIEW: Final Round - Stanley Cup Final

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings
Series begins Saturday, May 30th

in Detroit

Detroit Red Wings webpage
FAN ZONE: 2009 Stanley Cup Finals Online Video Contest (05/28/2009)

The Detroit News

Auction Closed: Plates for Parkinson's (Sidney Crosby)

I'm a little late with this and had planned on posting it before I got sick (I'm still fighting a cold or allergies, I haven't figured out which one yet), but wasn't able to get around to it and it's now an "afterthought," but I still thought it was worth posting.

The Parkinson Society Maritime Region held it's yearly eBay auction of celebrity autographed plates.

Sidney Crosby designed / signed one back in 2007 and thanks to a generous donor, the plate was donated to be auctioned off again in 2009.

Bidding closed on May 24th at $382.00 and below is a picture of the place (CLICK HERE to view the listing).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Entertaining Cabbie Video

This one covers tricks players use to intimidate their opponents (Bill Guerin makes an appearance in this one) -- FUNNY stuff!!

Penguins Sign OHL Defenseman

The Penguins announced yesterday that they signed defenseman Robert Bortuzzo to a three-year, entry-level contract.

Bortuzzo played for the OHL Kitchener Rangers for three season and appeared in 23 game. He collected 17 points (one goal, 16 assists) along with 24 penalty minutes this season after missing the start of the season with a shoulder injury.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stanley Cup Final Schedule

From the NHL webpage:

Saturday, May 30th @ 8:00 PM, Detroit (NBC)
Sunday, May 31st @ TBD-night, Detroit (NBC)
Tuesday, June 2nd @ 8:00 PM, Pittsburgh (Versus)
Thursday, June 4th @ 8:00 PM, Pittsburgh (Versus)
Saturday, June 6th @ 8:00 PM, Detroit (NBC)*
Tuesday, June 9th @ 8:00 PM, Pittsburgh (NBC)*
Friday, June 12th @ 8:00 PM, Detroit (NBC)*

* if necessary

BRING IT, Wangs!!!

Well, as much as we all prayed to the "hockey gods," Detroit just won the WC Championship in OT -- DAMN IT!!! We all knew it though.

It will, however, be so very sweet for the Pens to hoist that Cup right in Hossa's face (DOUCHEBAG!)!!

It's been reported that since Pittsburgh won last night and Detroit won tonight, the SCF will begin this Saturday, May 30th.

We've been waiting an entire year for this; we're a different team, we're stronger and an entire year / SCF wiser and you can bet WE'RE READY!!!!

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!
Pens - 4, Canes - 1
Pens win series (4-0)!

Carolina Hurricanes webpage
RECAP Penguins 4, Hurricanes 1 (05/26/2009)

Rocky Mount Telegram
Crosby-Malkin combo carry Penguins back to finals (05/27/2009)

Greensboro News & Record
Penguins sweep past Canes to finals (05/27/2009)

The News & Observer
End of the journey (05/27/2009)
Tough calls face Canes (05/27/2009)
Canes Now blog

The Charlotte Observer
Pittsburgh finishes sweep of Canes (05/26/2009)

The Fayetteville Observer
Numbers not kind to Hurricanes in loss (05/27/2009)

Canes Country blog
Unseemly End for Carolina - Pens 4, Canes 1 (05/27/2009)
A Snark-Free Tribute to the Pens (05/26/2009)

That's So MAF (musings of a Penguins goalie)!

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History


Eddie Johnston was named the Penguins sixth GM; he replaced Aldege "Baz" Bastien who was killed in a car accident on March 15th of the same year (the team was without a GM from March 16th - May 27th).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CLEAN SWEEP -- Pens Win Series 4-0!!

Cowher can blow his horn somewhere else now!!!!

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History

Mario Lemieux wins the Lester B. Pearson Trophy which is presented by the Players' Association to the most outstanding NHL player.

Monday, May 25, 2009

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History

Penguins capture their first Stanley Cup Championship in the team's 25-year history by defeating Minnesota with an 8-0 Tom Barrasso shutout (Ulf Samuelsson scores Cup-clinching goal.).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pens Lead Series 3-0 (Is it Broom Time?!)!!

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History

Penguins defeat the Boston Bruins in four games to win the Wales Conference Championship for the second consecutive season.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Was There to See Cam Ward Lose His Liquor License!!

I haven't been able to get to any posts (besides the news about Fletcher), but be sure I have LOTS to say about last night's game so I'll be posting sometime today!!!


Say Goodbye to Fletcher

Nothing good ever lasts, so the Penguins coaching staff partially responsible for the team's huge turn-around since February is already under recruitment.

It's been reported (source: "a person with knowledge of the hire confirmed it to The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity") that the Minnesota Wild have hired Chuck Fletcher as their General Manager. Fletcher has been with the Penguins since 2006 as their assistant GM and most recently as an assistant coach to Dan Bylsma.

Official announcement is to be made by the Wild organization sometime this afternoon. According to the AP, Friday is a travel day between games for Pittsburgh which will allow Fletcher to attend the press conference in Minnesota.

Fletcher is replace Doug Risebrough, who held the position since the beginning of the franchise in 1999. He was dismissed in April.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boucher on Scoring "on the First Date"

And Staalsy talks about being "nervous" and touching "boobs."

Watch Cabbie interview Philippe Boucher and Jordan Staal after Game 1 against Carolina to see what I'm talking about (I just LOVE Cabbie's interviews especially with the Pens!):

Playing Like a Man Posessed, Satan Has Redeemed Himself

[And, YES, I have been waiting to use this post title!]

I'm just as impressed as anybody watching Satan over the last few games (particularly this and last series).

There is definitely a noticeable change in play for Miro. He's stepped-up his game and I think it's great; he really deserved the goal he scored in Game 1 of the Finals against the Canes and what a goal it was -- breaking out of the penalty box taking a pass from Matt Cooke and just skating away with it - it was really a sight -- GOOD FOR HIM!! When he was being interviewed after the game on Monday, you could just see / feel the confidence shining through.

And has anyone else noticed that he's been getting a little more "dirty" when it comes to going after the puck instead of just waiting around for someone to pass it to him. I swear I saw him skate after one of the Canes trying to steal the puck away from him. And hitting - man, I never thought I'd see the day! I've had to ask my husband many times now, "was that Satan who just hit that guy against the boards?"

Satan has changed his play for the better - that's certain!! The Penguins are benefitting and it's quite a show for the fans!

Pens lead series 1-0
In net tonight: Cam Ward

The News & Observer

Rocky Mount Telegram
'Canes look for another Game 2 comeback vs. Pens (05/20/2009)

Greenville Daily Reflector
Hurricanes' Ruutu, Cole may miss Game 2 (05/20/2009)

The Fayetteville Observer
Pens take series lead, hold off 'Canes 3-2 (05/19/2009)
Pittsburgh, Raleigh mayors wager on hockey series (05/18/2009)

Greensboro News & Record
Hurricanes drop opener to Penguins (05/19/2009)

Greenville Daily Reflector

That's So MAF (the musings of a Penguins goalie)!

"I think it's a little bit too much of a wait, you know, before the next game. It just seems a little long. I kind of like to keep playing every day and every night." — Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, on the first of three two-day breaks between games in the Eastern Conference final.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Game 2 Whiteout!

From the Pittsburgh Penguins webpage:

The Pittsburgh Penguins are calling for a “Whiteout” at Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Final series against the Carolina Hurricanes Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Mellon Arena.

Each fan entering the game will receive a white t-shirt and a white rally towel. The towels are courtesy of 84 Lumber and Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Comparing Staals

My good buddy, Kena from Girls ARE Real Sports Fans Too, wrote up a pretty cool post on Staal vs. Staal comparing the two and how they were pretty much quiet throughout Game 1.

Pens "Punisher" Locker Room Tee's and MORE

Hey guys, one of my readers emailed me to ask if I knew where to get the Pens playoff t-shirts that they wear in the locker rooms and on some post-game interviews (CLICK HERE for previous post on them).

I believe those aren't sold to the public (or else I would have one by now), but I promised him that I'd post a request to all of my readers in case there is somewhere you can get them. If you know of anyway / anywhere, just email me or leave it in the comments -- WE'D ALL APPRECIATE IT!!! THANKS!!

AND ON A RELATED NOTE: KDKA-TV and WTAE-TV reported yesterday that "Stixburgh" shirts (in honor of Fleury) will be available in Pittsburgh stores around the area -- Definitely You, Hometown Sports, Honus Wagner, and stores along the Strip District; possibly Dick's Sporting Good stores may be carrying them later on this week (below are pics from KDKA).

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History

The Penguins won Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Florida Panthers by a score of 3-2, but Floria won the series in seven games.

The Penguins won Game 1 of Eastern Conference Semifinals against the NJ Devils with a score of 3-2 (they lost the series by losing the four games following.

The ICEOPLEX at Southpointe (where the Penguins practice sometimes) opened to the public.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is THIS the Year We Find Out Who Dad's Favorite Is?

It just may be (but you can find out NOW who Mom's favorite is!)!

We all know too well that [Jordan] Staal vs. [Eric] Staal has been the big storyline of this series, so in keeping with the 'theme' of the "Staal brothers Eastern Conference Final," here's an interesting spin on it.

ESPN the Magazine was focusing on mom, Linda Staal, for their Mother's Day edition of PAGE 2 "For Love or the Game" feature. The magazine put all four of the brothers to the test to see who knows mom best and which one is her favorite!!

Staal brothers

THANK YOU, Kena, for scanning your brother's mag!!!

That's So MAF (the musings of a Penguins goalie)!

Fleury's post-game interview with VERSUS' Christine Simpson (for some reason, I couldn't embed the video, so CLICK ON THE LINK below to watch the interview)!!

Pens - 3, Canes - 2
Pens lead series 1-0

Carolina Hurricanes webpage
RECAP: Penguins 3, Hurricanes 2 (05/18/2009)

Greensboro New & Record
Pens take series lead, hold off 'Canes 3-2
Hurricanes drop opener to Penguins, 3-2 (05/18/2009)

The News & Observer

Canes trail 0-1, as usual (05/19/2009)
Recap: Pittsburgh vs. Carolina (05/18/2009)
Game 1: Penguins 3, Canes 2 (05/18/2009)

The Charlotte Observer
Ward the unlikely culprit in Canes' Game 1 defeat (05/19/2009)

Burt Picks the Pens (and a Pens-Redwings Rematch)!!

If anything, this is amusing -- watch Burt the dog pick the winners of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals!!

Burt's Conference Finals Picks

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History


Ken Schinkel was relieved of the head coaching duties of the Penguins duties for the second time (having a combined record of 203-83-92-28).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pre-Game News

Nothing new here -- still a "game time decision," but it sounds favorable that Gonchar will be in tonight's lineup.
"Gonchar had a good day at practice yesterday and he looked comfortable out there today. I haven’t talked to our trainer yet but it’s a situation where come game time if he continues to look better it will be like a Game 7 situation and we’ll decide at that point."
The Penguins webpage announced that there have been a number of "great seats" released for tonight's game. FOR MORE INFORMTATION, VISIT THE SITE!!
In net tonight: Cam Ward

That's So MAF (the musings of a Penguins goalie)!

Off-day interview with Marc-Andre Fleury (05/17/2009).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Penguins Update

The Penguins have called up five players from Wilkes-Barre / Scranton today: forwards Dustin Jeffrey, Chris Minard, and Jeff Taffe; defenseman Ben Lovejoy; and goaltender John Curry.

Gonchar did not participate in yesterday's practice at Mellon Arena which was the first one since winning Game 7 last Wednesday. Coach Bylsma reports that he will be a game-time decision; however, I believe Jory Rand of KDKA reported last night that he will be in the lineup tomorrow for Game 1 of the EC Finals.

"We took two days of rest (on Thursday and Friday) because we've played 13 games of hockey and battled hard," Bylsma said. "The chance for us to regroup and re-energize and get some much-needed rest for bumps and bruises, he's a guy
in that situation, too. This is a situation where rest is a better thing than taxing the injury further. That's what we did (Saturday). We'll evaluate again (today)."
Goligoski wore a yellow jersey during practice yesterday. The significance? Defenseman typically wear gray jerseys. Interesting!

PREVIEW: Round 3 - Eastern Conference Final

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Series begins Monday, May 18th

in Pittsburgh

Carolina Hurricanes webpage
Following Scotty's Lead (05/16/2009)

The Charlotte Observer

Greenville Daily Reflector

Rocky Mount Telegram
Staal tactics: Brothers to meet in series (05/16/2009)

On this Date in Pittsburgh Penguins History

The Pens were eliminated by Toronto in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in six games with Gary Valk's overtime goal.

Jaromir Jagr scored an overtime goal allowing the Penguins to beat the Boston Bruins and win Game 1 of the Wales Conference Finals with a score of 4-3.

The Penguins win their first Stanley Cup Championship beating the Minnesota North Stars by a score of 4-1 (winning the final in six games).