Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penguins Players Playoff Shirts (say THAT three times fast!)

I knew that the Penguins had a playoff shirt last year that they wore in the dressing room and for post-game interviews; however, I never realized until now that every team creates one of these playoff shirts every year.

Philly's shirts have the Stanley Cup on the back with the phrase "32 Teams, 16 Left, 1 Dream."

I caught a glimpse of this year's Pens one without realizing it during the post-game interview with Crosby and Staal when I noticed this neat shirt Jordan had on -- the Pens logo on one sleeve and a skull on the other.

The skull is from the comic book character, the Punisher and their motto this year is "Are ya hungry?" which is on the back of the shirt.


Molly[Talbot]5825 said...

oh my gosh.
i want one.

Elliot said...

Now how do ya get one of those...

Stephanie said...

@Elliot - I'm not sure they sell these to the public; otherwise, I have no idea (or I'd have one by now myself!)!!

I did a post asking readers about it, but I never got any response.