Sunday, April 19, 2009

Talbot Not Taking Media's Bait

Thursday, a reporter tried to get Talbot to start talking "smack" about the hit he took from Carcillo at the end of Game 1 -- the results are just amusing (and completely Talbot!)!

Reporter: What did you think of the one-game suspension?
Talbot: Nothing.
Reporter: Would you have deserved a one-game suspension if you had been guilty of that act?Talbot: Yeah. If the game was 4-1 for the other team I think so. That was boring TV, eh? Reporter: Did you think the judment was fair?
Talbot: It's OK.
Reporter: You know exactly what to say.
Talbot: Yeah, I know (grinning).

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Molly[Talbot]5825 said...

hahah this is great!

do you know where i can find a video of it?