Friday, April 17, 2009

Pre-Game News

Godard and Adams were switched back and forth on the 4th line at practice this morning and it's not certain whether or not Godard will be on the ice tonight to patrol the Flyer bullies, so I guess we'll know that right before gametime.

LINE COMBINATIONS (from this morning's skate)
"I think that we can be pretty confident for the rest of the playoffs that those will be game-time decisions." - D. Bylsma

The defensemen operated their normal seven-man rotation.

  • DANIEL CARCILLO - out of tonight's lineup due to one-game suspension for the hit on Talbot 7 seconds before the end of the Game 1; Flyers rookie, Luca Sbisa will replace him
  • the team held an optional skate that only 11 players attended (doesn't sound good for the team either way -- whether they just decided not to go or just to take the day to rest any injuries / bumps & bruises)
  • centermen worked extensively on faceoffs
  • JONES / TIMONEN - were not on the ice and are fighting through injuries; HC Stevens expects them to ready for game time:
    "Timonen’s getting a day of rest there and I think he will be fine. He’s feeling better today and I expect him to be a player that plays in all of the situations that he normally does.I just spoke with Randy before I came here. He just went to the hotel and he is going to get some rest and he said he is ready to go."


KD said...

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, let Eric play tonight. PLEASE?!

Stephanie said...

@KD - now you KNOW if I had something to do with it, he'd be playing, but I don't have Bylsma's number yet!! : P Are you going to the game tonight?