Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a Game!!

That was such an exciting game last night - from beginning to end!! The Penguins are finally in sync, on target, and playoff-ready.

Tyler Kennedy may have scored the game-winning goal, but I think credit should also be given to Sid for scoring the first goal of the first game in the first round of the playoffs. It truly gave them the momentum throughout the game and, more importantly, for the series! A great way to start it off (I think it got the whole team going) and another great example of how Crosby leads as a Captain by example. All the Pens were playing great hockey, but another player who stood out to me and came to play was Jordan Staal. Staal always seems to step it up during playoffs, but this kid was on fire last night hitting everything that moved -- no kidding!! It's nice to see him finally play the kind of hockey we knew he could!!

Alot of writers / announcers / analysts are predicting the Penguins win this in 5 or 6, but after tonight, I think they'll sweep the Flyers in 4 if they continue to play like they are (whether or not the Flyers decide to show up)!!!

I'll let you in on a little secret too -- something I've been saying since the team's turn-around from the start of the "Bylsma Era" -- they're taking it all the way and winning the Cup this year (I believe that whole-heartedly!)!!! The reason? The Pens just started playing their best when alot of the other good teams in the playoffs have been playing at their best since the beginning of the season which will tire them out by the end of the playoffs. The Pens are just getting started and no one is expecting them to be as good as they are (as good as they'll become as they move on to each round). And it's not going to be a rematch of last year with Detroit -- I don't even believe that Detroit will make it to the Final (no, seriously!)!! I think it will be against another team - maybe SJS, but I'm not certain on the team yet.

I'm so sure of it that I actually bet on it with my Judge buddy at work (who hails from Michigan) and even up'd him one and threw in Detroit not making it to the Final. I'll be sure to let you know who buys who lunch [in June!]!!!

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!

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swissmiss said...

Yeah in my playoff pool I took Pens vs. Sharks to the final. Didn't put money on it but predicting it anyway...!