Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Stay Classy Philadelphia!!

I know there weren't many of you who didn't catch the Flyers fan behind the glass where Crosby was standing during one point in Sunday's game. You couldn't miss him standing there as plain as day flipping Crosby the bird for all the nation to see -- I'm sure he made his mother so very proud at that moment - illustrating THE CLASSIC FLYERS FAN (mean, nasty, and vulgar)!! Way to represent the "city of brotherly love!"

All I can say is that there's NO WAY that they would be so willing to give Crosby such a hard time if he was on their team not to mention the fact, as one of my fellow hockey-loving friends Christine pointed out, that any TRUE hockey fan would realize Crosby is an elite player and leave it at that (no need to be immature about it).

The Flyers fans aren't that far off from the makeup of the team that they cheer for - dirty and goonish - which is why they won't be cheering their team on past this round let alone see the day when they win the Stanley Cup!!

Picture courtesy of Deadspin.

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Just a side note, check out the face of the guy "proffering the 'gesture'"...

Bathrooms down the hall, no need to be so grumpy and uncomfortable.