Monday, April 27, 2009

Who Will the Pens Face in Round 2?

There are still four possibilities as to which team the Penguins will face in Round 2 at this point. Here are my personal thoughts and views on each of the four:

BOSTON -- this is the only team that really frightens me out of all of the teams Pittsburgh could face. Its not that the Pens can't beat the Bruins (they've already done that), but they'll have had more than enough time to rest and that could be dangerous just as it could also be a good thing. It would definitely be an interesting series. They're a good team who have had their share of rough patches similar to the Pens

CAROLINA -- the Penguins would have an advantage over the Canes in that they will have more of a rest than Carolina will since they forced a Game 7. Eric Staal is on fire and seems to feed off of his team's need to win (when their backs are against the wall) -- he's their big weapon; and Staal vs. Staal in the playoffs would make for an interesting series!

NEW JERSEY -- again, the Penguins would have the advantage of playing them having a rest while the Devils would just be finishing a series and may be slightly worn out. Even though Brodeur looked good at the start of the playoffs - moreso than he had at the end of the regular season, the Canes seem to be giving him a run for his money and I think the Pens can (have done) the same!

WASHINGTON - not much to say about this other than I HATE Ovechkin and I don't want to see him get past the first round, so I'm pulling for the Rags!!! Get your ass together NYR, especially you Tortorella -- let Avery do his thing.

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I break this down 3 ways.

Not worried.
NJD/NYR. These teams are fairly even and shouldn't cause problems.

Somewhat worried.
CAR. As a team they don't worry me that much. Call me an idiot, but I really feel like Eric bullies his little brother, into a poorer game. (Yes, I have brothers, myself).

Officially worried.
BOS. They're a really good team. They have extra rest. They have confidence. (Gosh I hope they get lazy.)