Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Friendly Office Rivalry

Let me start off with some background to this post.

About six months ago (around June / July -- after the SCF was over), they hired someone new in our office who happened to be from Michigan, so of course I was curious as to whether or not he was a Redwings fan. Weeks went by and I never got a chance to talk to him until he started talking to the other Pens / Steelers fans in the office and warning that he would start bringing in some of his Redwings memoriabilia to which they replied, "go see Stephanie's cubicle for the decorating protocol in this office," referring to my abundance of Penguins and Steelers things all around. At that point, he knew I was the perfect target for teasing.

To make a long-story short, our little office rivalry has been going on ever since! My first action was to print out Penguins logos to cover all of the Redwings things he had in his office (a cap, a small paper weight) and topped it off with a really nice "Let's Go Pens!" sign on his door. My favorite was when the Pens beat Detroit back in November, I kept it simple giving him a card which read, "Wishing you brighter days ahead."

But THIS is the very latest --- he kept warning me that he was going to bring in his Redwings "banner" in, so -

this is what I had to look at all of last week ...

... and THIS is how I decided to solve the problem this week!!

There's nothing like some good, healthy rivalry (especially in a place as boring as the office!)!! And I must give him credit because he is an awfully good sport about it -- even keeps the things up for awhile (I put the sign pictured above on his door on Saturday and took these pictures yesterday). We both know it's all in fun (and it is - FUN)!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

This STILL makes me giggle.

Lauren said...

HAHAH this is funny! One of the women I work with is from the Detroit area - she's a Wings fan and we definitely have fun teasing each other about it.

Additionally, my boss likes to cheer for anyone who plays AGAINST the Steelers, just because he knows I'm a Pittsburgher. I'd ask him why he doesn't just shut up and root for his own team, but his team is the Browns and's the Browns.

gilld22 said...

Ha thats great stuff. I just need to mention ice hockey at work and everyone walks off in a different direction!!! At least I know how to make my staff work...!!