Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yet Another Penguins Roster Mystery

This evening the Penguins announced that they have recalled Jeff Taffe and Tim Wallace from WB / S Baby Pens.


And what the hell does this exactly mean? They just got done re-assigning Janne Pesonen back down to the AHL affiliate (and who the hell is Tim Wallace?!)! So I guess this could mean that Mike Zigomanis is not likely to be in the lineup tomorrow against the NJ Devils. And by only re-assigning Pesonen (not Minard) and recalling two additional players, Pittsburgh has now taken care of all available spots on the roster (remember, there was still an open spot left when Paul Bissonnette was re-assigned). Could they possibly be holding "try-outs" for that open spot by recalling all of these players using the setback of all of the injuries to their advantage? One can only wonder what their plan is.

As for Wallace, I did a little research and here's what I found (actually, he's already posted on the Penguins team roster). He's an American-born player from Anchorage, Alaska who played at the University of Notre Dame where he earned the the school's all-time "iron man" title by not missing a game in all four years with the Fighting Irish (153 total games). He also won a gold medal at the 2000 Under-18 World Championships. Sounds pretty impressive to me; let's hope it translates onto the ice!

And how does Wallace feel about it?
"Chills," he said. "It’s definitely what I’ve been trying to do since I was a little kid. To hear it, it’s a great feeling."

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71crush said...

I just saw this at the Pens site and did the same thing--who is Wallace! LOL It is interesting. Wallace sounds promising. Cant wait to see him tomorrow. Poor Janne. :(