Friday, December 26, 2008

Therrien "Calling Out" His Players [You KNOW Who You Are!]!!

My husband , John, told me about Coach Therrien's press conference that he and his dad listened to on the ride home from the game last Tuesday saying that he said the players are "complaining" about each other on the bench.

Below is video of the conference taken from PensTV - one of Therrien's more infamous press conferences - the likes of which we haven't seen since, well - since he called the team "soff!"

My father-in-law's take:  getting rid of the coach usually takes care of any problem your team has (not necessarily that this is his opinion, but he knows how this sort of stuff plays out -- it's usually the coach that "goes down" for the shortcomings of the team).
John's and my take:  someone new is gonna have to go!!  Neither of us believe Therrien is going anywhere and, as John says, Therrien's methods are "tried and true," so we don't think this is the answer.

This just DOES NOT sound anything like "our Penguins!"  Complaining about each other on the bench?  Come on, boys!  What are we - 4?  There is no way that you would hear anything like this about last season's team and we haven't quite pin-pointed who may be to blame.  John thinks it's more likely one of the players signed this season (i.e., Satan) while I think it's one of the AHL players who is getting a little "too big for his britches!"  Although I wouldn't think it's that far of a stretch for it to be one of the newly acquired players, I'm still not all too convinced it would be someone like Satan, but who else?

Regardless, this needs stopped and Therrien has taken the first step to getting rid of the "cancer" on this team and doing it the way he knows best -- calling out his players.  Let's hope for everyone that this nips it in the bud before more drastic measures need taken!!!

If any of you have your opinion about it, please comment or send me an e-mail -- I would love to hear it!!

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Lauren said... much as I want to like Satan (he seems like a good guy), I can see him being the culprit here - I think it would have to be someone who is new to the Penguins organization and doesn't quite yet understand the level of class and character our team has.

This is all very disappointing to me - I hope the 2-day break did them some good.