Thursday, December 4, 2008

Could Pesonen Get Another Call-Up?

[UPDATE] This information was taken straight from Rob Rossi and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review:
The Penguins played most of the final period without center Mike Zigomanis and right wing Tyler Kennedy.

Zigomanis did not return after leaving in the second period, but he said after the game he "should be fine" to play tonight at Carolina.

Kennedy (undisclosed injury) is questionable to play against the
With both Tyler Kennedy and Mike Zigomanis injured in last night's game unable to return, does that mean they're unlikely to be in the lineup tonight?

There's no official word, but of course, they left the game last night with "undisclosed injuries" and did not return for the remainder of the game (it makes you wonder whether having Ziggy take a face-off in the final minutes would've given us a different outcome!).

If they're not ready for tonight's game I would assume that would mean the Penguins will be calling up AHLer's. With the track record Janne Pesonen has been having while on their NHL roster, my bet would be on him as one of those players. I suppose that would leave Taffe and Minard if both Pens are out of the lineup, but I guess we'll see soon enough.


Rage said...

I'm thinking Minard deserves being called up more than Janne, from a stats standpoint, but I think Shero really wants to give Pesonen every opportunity to impress. Hope he starts impressing soon!

Stephanie said...


Where ya been, buddy? I've missed you!!

THANKS for the comment, as always!

gilld22 said...

What happened to TK, the game was not shown over here and I have not managed to watch any highlights online either. I hope him and ziggy are ok and can play tonight.

Stephanie said...

I actually don't know what happened and didn't even notice what could've happened, but the Steigy mentioned it which is how I originally noticed and, of course, we won't know what happened because of the "undisclosed" crap!!

When / if I know something -- I'll definitely post it!!

gilld22 said...

I rally am beginning to hate this undisclosed injury policy. I see why they are doing it but I hate not knowing what is wrong with the guys.


Stephanie said...

I feel the same way, Gill! It's very frustrating; but honestly, I think the Penguins are the only team that employ this policy -- all the other news I read mentions players injuries!!

The way I see it, it makes more questions for the team to answer instead of just getting it out of the way to begin with!

gilld22 said...

I see what you mean but if it makes it harder for other players to purposefully cause an injury to a player who has been out for a few games if they dont know what the injury is. I should hope that the other players would not do that but if they are feeling threatened then it would be easy to get them off the ice again.

(I really hope that makes sense).

gilld22 said...
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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"it makes you wonder whether having Ziggy take a face-off in the final minutes would've given us a different outcome"

I don't wonder at all. I really think it would have.