Friday, December 12, 2008

Late-Day Updates

SO SORRY this is late, but I was sleeping in from getting home late after celebrating the BEST GAME the Pens had this season - so worth walking in the wet snow for (and having John walk back to the truck because that's where we forgot our tickets)!!!

Anyway - here's today's Penguins happenings since my last post yesterday:
  • Chris Minard and John Curry were re-assigned to the WB / S Baby Pens today.
  • Fleury is ready to be back in the lineup! He will either start in the net for the Pens tomorrow afternoon for the game against the Philadelphia Flyers OR he will back-up Dany Sabourin (my personal opinion is that he won't get a chance to play until next week).
  • There were only two players that did not participate in practice today as Evgeni Malkin took the day to rest and Max Talbot has an "undisclosed injury" and is listed as "day-to-day"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeahhh! i missed fleury.
and i'll miss curry. i wish he could be the backup, not sabourin. no offense!

i personally would love to have fleury start, but i wouldn't want to put him at the slightest chance of getting injured!
but i love him!!

can't wait to kick the flyers asses!