Monday, December 1, 2008

Meet Aubri Covol!

Aubri Covol was among the lucky people who not only got their season tickets delivered to them prior to the start of this season, but got them delivered by none other than our Captain, Sidney Crosby!!

Well, a few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Aubri explaining who she was and asking that I e-mail her back. She really made my day; it was as close to meeting Sidney Crosby as I've ever come and I was just so excited!! So I took the opportunity to "interview" her via e-mail!

Actually the people that are in the picture with me are very good family friends. My mother is standing right behind me and that is the only relative of mine that is in the picture. Yes we all have season ticket and we all go to a bunch of games.

What was it like having all those cameras and media around during your visit (did they stay as long / longer than Sidney to get "the story")?
During the visit, time had seem to fly by for me. I wish he could of stayed longer but I knew he had other things to do. Having all those cameras around was absolutly insane! I felt like a celebrity! Some of the media had left when Sid left but others had stayed to interview all of us that were there at the house.

What happened at school the next day (did you feel like a celebrity, did you acquire any new friends)?
The next day at school was unreal! I felt like a celebrity. Kids that I didnt even know came up to me and was like "Your the girl that met Sidney Crosby!" Other had told me that they saw me on the channel 11 news and so much more. Most of the girls that saw it were freaking out about how I hugged him. They were all saying how jealous they were of me.

Everyone who meets Sidney always says how nice he is, but is there anything you can think of about meeting him that you found interesting (did he talk about something interesting or share something interesting with you guys or maybe you noticed something interesting about him that the rest of us wouldn't know?)?Sidney was such a nice person!! He just seemed like a regular person like you and me.

What did you have him autograph for you?
We had him autograph so many things! We had him autographs a bunch of jerseys, t-shirts, and a few pictures.

Do you own a copy of Sid's DVD, "On the Ice and Beyond" and, if so, how many times have you watched it (or maybe it's on your Christmas list?)?
Trust me, Sid's DVD is on my Christmas list!

What do you plan to go to college for? Any ideas as to where you'll be attending college (have any that you've been seriously considering)?
I hope to be going to college to become a sports broadcaster (I kind of want to be the next Dan Potash). Two colleges that i really want to go to are Penn State or Mercyhurst.

How many years has your family had season tickets?
I am not exactly sure on how long we have been season ticket holders but we are all life time Pittsburgh Penguins fans!!!

I want to take this time to thank Aubri again for her time and cooperation with agreeing to this interview!! I appreciate her sharing her story with us and wish her the best of luck with future endeavors. THANKS A BUNCH, AUBRI!!

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Eric K said...

Great story, Stephanie!

Don't know if you caught wind of it or not, but I'm airing my new Penguins' radio show, "The Boys of Winter: Pittsburgh Penguins Weekly" on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 PM.

Head over to my blog for the link. It's going to be broadcast on YouCastr, but if you can't listen live, you can listen to the archived episode anytime (link also found on my blog).

Hope you can tune in!