Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Malkin Is Moving Out of Gonchar's House

YAHOO!'s Puck Daddy has an awesome post that includes a translation of a recent interview of Evgeni Malkin conducted by Natalia Bragilevskaya of SovSport. The interview touches upon several things, but one of the more interesting topics is featured below:

People say that you're moving into your own house?
"I am still in the process [of moving]. I will hold the housewarming party on December 19. All documents are almost ready."

What made you take this step?
"I am getting more mature. It is time to live away from Sergei Gonchar. To start a family."

Is your wedding soon?
"Right over the hill. In about 5 years."

Does your girlfriend know of your long term plans?
"Of course. Who is the boss in the house?" (Malkin is laughing.)

Is this going to be a good house?
"I like it. It's a new three storey [house] with five bedrooms. It is within a five minute drive from the hockey arena."


Anonymous said...

yay malkin!
making plans to stay in pittsburgh! [:

too bad he's getting married!! ]:

Lauren said...

This is great - thanks for sharing this! :)