Monday, December 8, 2008

Pre-Game News

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Fleury practiced with the rest of the team today (full-team practice) for the first time since recovering from an undisclosed injury he suffered during the game against the Buffalo Sabres on November 15th.

Gill did not participate in practice today and will not be in tonight's lineup (his injury is undisclosed, but several news sources have reported it is his right shoulder).

Lovejoy was called up from the Baby Pens and practiced alongside Rob Scuderi (this is quite surprising; however, the coaching staff may not want to disrupt any of the other defensive pairings).

Zigomanis also did not practice today but was on the ice beforehand working with Mike Kadar, the Penguins strength and conditioning coach.


  • Rob Scuderi - short two penalty minutes for a total of 100 career penalty minutes
  • Pascal Dupuis - seven assists away from 100 career assists
  • Philippe Boucher - nine goals away from 100 career goals*
  • Evgeni Malkin - nine goals away from 100 career goals*

*both Boucher and Malkin are the same number of goals away from reaching 100 career goals (I'm thinking Malkin will reach this benchmark first)


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

ha, now I'm rooting for Scuderi...

Or maybe that's a "benchmark" that only certin "types" of players are proud of.

Does anyone else think Fleury might play tonight? I kind of do.

Yes, I think Malkin will reach that, MUCH sooner than Boo.

Stephanie said...

Well - I thought about it after I posted it, but it's especially logical that Malkin would reach this before Boo because Boo is out on IR and we don't know when he'll return (DUH, Stephanie; I can't believe you didn't say it, Kena)!!

And I don't feel that Fleury will start tonight -- he still probably needs to get a few more "full-contact" practices under his belt before he's ready. I'm thinking more like next week sometime.

Anonymous said...

i hate how all of these players are getting injured!
i, too, wish fleury could play, but i think he's not ready yet. they should put curry back in!!
he did AMAZING last time, give him another shot!