Friday, December 5, 2008

Bittersweet Game for Sykora

Last night Petr Sykora scored his 100th power-play goal in the first minutes of the second period; however, this career milestone was also overshadowed by another "record" -- last night's game was the 43rd game in which he scored 2 goals and fell short of getting the first hat-trick of his NHL career.

At this point, everyone is just pulling for him and Malkin couldn't help him out anymore than he already has during these 2-goal games! But like Sykora said after his last 2-goal game, he has a beautiful son and it puts everything back into perspective!!

And the guy couldn't be happier!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I'm pulling for him.

Every time he got the puck, I'm like "go for it".

Yes, I'm sentamental...

71crush said...

I wanted him to get it so bad. I'm glad he isnt upset about it. He seemed extra happy last night, with the jokes and stuff. Very cute.

Pensblog has some photoshop of Michelangelos creation of man painting and its sykky and mario. rofl

rightwingprof said...

And let's not forget Sabu. He's one helluva goalie for a backup.

Lauren said...

I love that Sykie has such a great perspective on what's really important in life. His wife is one lucky lady.