Sunday, December 7, 2008

Penguins Recall Ben Lovejoy

[UPDATE] The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported this morning that defenseman Hal Gill had an icebag on his right shoulder after the game.

He said it was "probably just bruised" on a third-period hit by Ottawa center
Jesse Winchester.

Also from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
Lovejoy was summoned a day after defensemen Hal Gill injured his right shoulder
during a 3-2 loss in Ottawa. Gill said yesterday he did not believe his injury to be serious, and the Penguins made no mention of it when announcing that Lovejoy would be joining them.

Surprising news - the Penguins announce that they've recalled defenseman Ben Lovejoy from their AHL affiliate Wilke-Barre / Scranton Baby Pens!

John and I were trying to recall which defenseman got hurt then I remember Hal Gill appearing slow to get up and skating like he was hurt (I'm not quite sure, but I think it was towards the end of the game).

The Penguins are really falling victim to so many injuries, but it's been amazing how they've been able to keep it all together and how great the AHL players they've called up have been playing! It'll only make the team that much more solid!

AND DON'T FORGET -- Ben Lovejoy has an awesome blog that he updates pretty frequently!!


Anonymous said...

oh my goooodness.
why are all of these amazing pens getting hurt?!?!

anywho. it's a good chance for the WB-S Pens to show us their stuff, which is always good for the future, mayeb they'll get signed to the pens!

btw. i love his last name.. lovejoy. i wonder if he's always happy.

Lauren said...

I caught up on Ben Lovejoy's blog last night and I was in stitches laughing on multiple occasions! I really hope he writes about his experience with being called up to the show.