Friday, May 29, 2009

Auction Closed: Plates for Parkinson's (Sidney Crosby)

I'm a little late with this and had planned on posting it before I got sick (I'm still fighting a cold or allergies, I haven't figured out which one yet), but wasn't able to get around to it and it's now an "afterthought," but I still thought it was worth posting.

The Parkinson Society Maritime Region held it's yearly eBay auction of celebrity autographed plates.

Sidney Crosby designed / signed one back in 2007 and thanks to a generous donor, the plate was donated to be auctioned off again in 2009.

Bidding closed on May 24th at $382.00 and below is a picture of the place (CLICK HERE to view the listing).

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Kylie said...

Ok, that is really adorable. It made me giggle!