Monday, September 22, 2008

Tune-In to LIVE Game Updates Tonight!!

Announcers' 3 stars of the game: Thomas, Jokinen, and Curry; the one announcer remarked that the Thomas, Talbot and Fedotenko line was the best line on the ice
  • PENS WIN (3-2)!!
  • 31 seconds left in regulation
  • PITTSBURGH delayed penalty: hooking, Stone (Lightning PP) - penalty up with no change in score (Penguins STILL LEAD, 3-2)
  • Stamkos DENIED for the 100th time this evening!!
  • 4:12 left in the game
  • LIGHTNING penalty: (Penguins PP) -- I wasn't paying attention and missed the details of this one - SORRY!!
  • 9:07 left to go
  • 14:31 left in the game
  • GOAL - KENNEDY (assists: Letang, Goligoski)!!! Penguins take the lead back, 3-2
  • LIGHTNING penalty - instigating AND misconduct (Penguin PP)
  • ALL majors; no man-advantage (Henrich / Konopka - 5 minute fighting majors; Bissonnette / Koci - game misconducts) -- according to announcer, 3 fights in a game amounts to game misconduct -- which would evict Koci and Konopka from the game (both having 3 fights tonight)
  • 15:48 left in the 3rd - Koci and Bissonnette head to the locker rooms (game misconducts)
  • PENALTY; and 2 FIGHTS: Bissonnette vs. Koci AND Konopka vs. Henrich
  • "WHAT A SAVE" by Curry on Jokinen
  • Penguins KILL 5 minute major penalty to Fedotenko
  • "Talbot is one good hockey player."
  • START of 3rd (9:22 PM)
  • Period 2 SUMMARY: Game tied 2-2; LIGHTNING GOAL: Ouellet; Curry replaces Sabourin in the the middle of the 2nd and stops all shots on net
  • END of Period 2 (9:04 PM) -- game still tied at 2 (Ouellet scores the only goal in the 2nd); 1:50 left in TB powerplay
  • it's again mentioned what an amazing game Curry is having -- VERY impressive
  • 1:00 minute left in the 2nd
  • Lightning penalty up; 3:35 powerplay for the Bolts
  • PENGUINS penalty - boarding, Fedotenko - 5 minute major (4 on 4); Lightning will have little less than 3:30 minutes left in the powerplay after Penguins PP is up
  • LIGHTNING penalty @ 16:23 - interference, Malone (Penguins PP)
  • this commentator is against fighting -- how ANNOYING, the old geezer!! As you can guess, I believe fighting is a part of hockey and should not be eliminated from the game; if we do that, we might as well go as far as being polite too, "Would you like the puck?" "Why yes, that would be lovely, thank you!" "I'm sorry I just smashed you up against the boards earlier" "That's quite alright, it's just a game, pal!" PUKE!!
  • FIGHT RIGHT OFF OF THE FACE-OFF: Bissonnette vs. Koci
  • 5:35 left in the 2nd
  • Curry is having an impressive debut so far!! He's stopped everything TB has shot (I lost track but I think it's been 3 SOG so far)
  • 9:30 left in the 2nd
  • [GOALIE CHANGE-Pittsburgh] Curry in for Sabourin
  • Sabourin ROBBED STAMKOS with a nice save!!
  • Penguins penalty - hooking, Engelland (Lightning PP) - no goals scored
  • both commentators commenting how good the game is for the 2nd pre-season game; one mentions the first one was good as well (I have to agree -- the Pens are looking good from what I saw at last Saturday's game)
  • 17:04 left in 2nd - tied at 2; GOAL scored by Ouellet
  • START OF 2nd -- commentator still on the fact that he's disillusioned and believes Richmond should've received an instigating penalty
  • Period 1 SUMMARY: Penguins leading 2-1; LIGHTNING GOAL by Jokinen 46 seconds into the 1st, PENGUINS GOAL tipped in by Thomas @ 14:36 (assisted by Letang, Goligoski), 2nd PENGUINS GOAL by Talbot @ 18:19 (assisted by Letang, Fedotenko)
  • END of Period 1
  • FIGHT - Konopka vs. Richmond (Gill mouthing off to Konopka skating back to the bench; Richmond came off the bench and just started up with Konopka); fighting major penalties to both; TB commentator feels Richmond should get an instigating penalty - NO DICE!!
  • 1:41 - GOAL - TALBOT!! (Penguins lead 2-1)
  • 3:58 left in the 1st
  • 4:51 left in the 1st: Lightning penalty - high stick, Malone (another Penguins PP); penalty up; no goals
  • GOAL was credited to Thomas (puck hit off his stick before making it into the net)
  • Lightning penalty - tripping (3rd Penguins PP) -- GOAL-LETANG THOMAS; WE'RE TIED AT 1!!
  • 6:51 left in the 1st
  • Pittsburgh delayed penalty - charging (Lightning PP) - no goal scored
  • 9:36 left in the 1st (score remains 1-0, Lightning)
  • [NOTE] Sabourin is in net; Kolzig goaltending for the Bolts
  • 12:51 left in the 1st: Lightning penalty on Artykhin (Penguins powerplay; get another chance to score in a one-man advantage); Penguins remain scoreless at the end of this powerplay
  • Lightning penalty - interference (Penguins powerplay); Penguins do not cash in and
  • Fight breaks out between Boogaard and Konopka shortly after TB goal scored (announcers report it's a good one; pretty long as far as I can tell)
  • Lightning up 1-0 within the first few seconds of the game.

    SORRY - I don't have any way to check / post the official game time!!

    Check in with me throughout the night for LIVE game updates of the Penguins 2nd pre-season game (I'm going to try it and see how it goes); I'll probably cover the basic highlights because I can see myself not keeping up!

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    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for that re-cap. The player on wdae went belly up on me in the 3rd period, had no idea what was going on.

    I been reading your blog for the last week and have it on my iGoogle home page.

    To borrow a word from a friend,
    Holy Awesomeness!!

    Nice work.