Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tour of the Mellon Arena (Part II)

It looks like I have more pictures than I thought so there's going to be more "Parts" to this than I had originally planned!

Today I'll post pictures of the Penguins Lounge which is connected to their locker room (and changing room); for a better description - it's like 3 rooms of a house and there's a long hallway that leads you into the lounge and it's full of large framed pictures of all the players. The hallway has doors to various offices; one of which is coach Michel Therrien's - the first one we saw.

The lounge is where the Pens go to relax before a game; sometimes the coaches put a motivational video in or some video of their opponent. There's also a huge dry-erase board with a hockey rink on it and the coaches sometimes draw up plays. The players may also come early to get breakfast. The one tour guide actually said that the players get up in the morning and don't usually eat breakfast, so it's provided in the lounge (which are what the pictures of the counter tops are -- various cereals and breakfast bars -- not sure what the numbers are for).

Next to the lounge is the Penguins "Change Room" which was not a room included on the tour. There are pictures and momentos EVERYWHERE in the room. The most amazing is the huge mural on the wall that leads into the locker room.


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Man, how wierd would it be to constantly be confronted with huge pictures of your self.

I would probably develope some kind of strange "complex".

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures! I am very jealous that you had this awesome opportunity - I really hope they do something like this again before the new arena is built!