Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crosby is Hockey's New King

And he wears his crown lightly, according to an article in the which reiterates the fact that Sidney Crosby is the face of NHL.

At the ripe old age of 21, he also is the centerpiece of the NHL's efforts to promote the sport.
However, San Jose is one of the only few places that Sid can go to where he's less recognizeable although there were a few fans who recognized him.

"There were a few people who noticed me," Crosby said after the Pittsburgh Penguins' practice Monday at HP Pavilion. "But it's not like Canada. It's totally different up there."

This is a great article and is another illustration of the humble leader Crosby is and the fact that he understands the delicate balance between dealing with the spotlight without placing himself above the team.

"I was introduced to it early, so I just found my own way of dealing with it," Crosby said. "I learned to manage the responsibilities. I could never complain about the position I'm in. Sometimes there are a lot of demands. But I feel pretty fortunate."
This article is definitely worth a read!!

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