Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pesonen Supporters (4 out of 5 People Think He Will be on NHL Roster Soon)

The title of my post is just a play on all those poll-type commercials and such, but seriously, my husband has to be that 5th person (and I can actually name 4+ people who support Janne Pesonen being on the Penguins NHL roster)!!

I've recently come across several articles / posts of those who believe that Janne Pesonen will be called up to the NHL very soon.

Brian Metzer from is predicting that it will be "before the end of the year" citing the fact that Pesonen has 8 points (6 goals; 2 assists) in 5 games. Not to mention the fact that he is playing on a line with Jeff Taffe and Chris Minard -- 2 players who have NHL experience under their belts.

And Dave Molinari continues to choose to answer questions pertaining to Pesonen and this time-table. The most recent question / answer was posted this past Friday when a reader asked for his opinion as to when we can expect Pesonen to "get a chance to play with Sid."

Molinari begins his answer with a similar tone stating that Pesonen is on the top line with Taffe and Minard and that his stay with the Baby Pens will not be long.

The Penguins have tried a variety of configurations for their top two lines so far this season, and unless coach Michel Therrien hits upon combinations that are consistently effective, it's hard to believe that general manager Ray Shero and his staff won't give serious consideration to recalling Pesonen and giving him a serious look as a top-six forward.
Unless the quality of his play drops precipitously and the Penguins' current crop of forwards meshes superbly, he probably deserves to get an opportunity to prove it in the near future.
Does the Penguins organization already have a plan in motion with the recent assignment of Bill Thomas to the WB/S Baby Pens or are we just all wrong once again like when we originally thought there was a slim chance that Pesonen would be cut from the team? I'm hoping this time we all have better foresight into our prediction!


71crush said...

I would like to see him come up too. He seems capable. :)

We met him after one of the practices and he was super nice, which is always nice to see.

akus said...

Ok if Peso comes up who sits?


Biz Nasty?




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