Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pre-Game News: Therrien Splits Up the Dynamic Duo

[UPDATE] Rob Rossi is also reporting that Dupuis did, in fact, leave halfway through yesterday's practice and did not return; the Penguins did not provide a status as to whether or not he will play in the lineup against Phoenix tonight.

And no status updates on Hal Gill or Max Talbot to confirm whether or not they will be in the lineup tonight. Gill is possible, but it appears Talbot is unlikely.

[Just an interesting "tid bit"] Rossi also reported that the Penguins were unable to depart for Phoenix after the game last Tuesday so they practiced in San Jose yesterday. San Jose has a city-wide curfew that prohibits flights after midnight which is not just unique to SJ; it is also customary in Anaheim, where a similar curfew exists. The Penguins arrived in Phoenix yesterday afternoon.

We knew it would eventually come to an end because all good things usually do, so Michael Therrien made the decision to split up Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin yesterday. Crosby will remain on the 1st line while Malkin will return to 2nd line center. It makes sense (the Crosby and Malkin line was the only one making any plays while the other ones were pretty quiet over these past few games). Neither Petr Sykora or Jordan Staal seem to be "complete" without Malkin. Let's hope the time apart brings back the "magic" for Malkin and Sykora -- however, Staal will be left to generate his own "magic" as center between Tyler Kennedy and Miroslav Satan! Here is what the lines have now been reported to be:

Dupuis - Crosby - Fedotenko
Sykora - Malkin - Cooke

In other news, Michael Therrien is madly in love with Pascal Dupuis and is expected to propose to him any day now - for now, he proposes he'll start on the top line with Sid! Why else would he continue to put him on that line?! I can't think of any other good reason since Dupuis is definitely not a top-line-calibur player! Anyone else have any thoughts? Actually, this isn't set in stone just yet because, according to Dan Potash last night on Sportsbeat, Dupuis left halfway through yesterday's practice.

Talbot did not practice yesterday and will likely be out of tonight's lineup, but his status is still unknown.

Gill has been participating in full practices the past couple of days and it looks like he may return to the lineup; still has yet to be confirmed.


Hept-Rossi said...

Dupuis is on the top line with Sid for the same reason Bob Errey used to play with Mario Lemieux. You need a defensive forward on the ice with a superstar to hedge your bets that they will get caught up ice trying to score a goal. Lemieux was able to bank 26 goals off of Errey during the 1988-89 season so anything is possible with Dupuis. Although Sid better stop throwing those blind spin-o-rama passes that never work because no one can score without the puck. Ok, Lemieux could, but that's it.

71crush said...

I read about Dupuis leaving practice in the paper this morning too. wonder what is up with that? If he doesnt play tonight, wonder who will take his place.

Stephanie said...

Actually, I understand your explanation hept-rossi; however, I don't think I've seen it work yet and this is like the zillionth time he's been put on this line with Sid.

I do agree, though, that Sid needs to stop the pretty plays (so does the guy who I sat next to at the last game I went to, "Where did that pretty play just get you? Come on, keep it simple!" -- I honestly think that's just the way he's wired (it's become second nature to him) and he's not the only one!!

And, yes, we all know Lemieux walked on water (he's still scoring goals and he's not even on the ice for Pete's sake)!!

THANKS for the comment - keep them coming!!

Stephanie said...

As far as who will play on the top line if Dupuis is out -- I'm not too sure; perhaps, he'll keep Malkin and Sid together until Dupuis is able to return to the lineup (but this is pure speculation to begin with -- we'll have to see what goes on tonight)!!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I agree with the idea of having a "defensive forward" thing also. HOWEVER, I do not think that he’s the guy.

My thing is “you need to be in possession of the puck to score”. That is not happening, and we know Malkin/Crosby are good together so obviously there’s something else.

I guess my big thing is “we’ve squirreled all the rest of the guys around, but why not this guy (Dupuis)”. He’s always on the top line. I think we need to try some other guys on the top line. (Right now, I’m curious to see Kennedy up there. He works hard enough).

Hept-Rossi said...

If it was up to me, Talbot would be on the top line with Sid, but that's because I have a tremendous man-crush on the Fu Manchu. My lines would be:


This of course is assuming Pesonen is staying in the minors for a while. If he were an option, he would be up and playing with Malkin and either Staal or Cooke would be gone.