Monday, October 27, 2008

Which Teammate's Body Part(s) Would Penguin Players Donate to Science?

Continuing with the theme above in "MAF Musings," here are some of the other players responses to which teammates body part they would offer up to science (this is GOOD STUFF)!!

  • Mark Eaton: "It would be a toss-up between [Tyler Kennedy's] brain or -- you don't even wait until he's dead -- donate (Kris) Letang's tongue now so he can quit asking so many questions."
  • Max Talbot: "Pascal Dupuis' eyebrows, maybe."
  • Rob Scuderi: "I would probably give Sidney Crosby's rear end, because I'd like to see how in God's name it got that big."
  • Sidney Crosby: "I would like to see Dupuis' calves, because there aren't too many athletes who have calves that small and who are that quick. It doesn't make sense to me."
  • Dupuis: "[Letang] is pretty young. I can give him my brain. It wouldn't hurt him."
  • Jordan Staal: "I think I'd donate [Talbot's] moustache, probably."
  • Whitney: "I would definitely give Letang's brain. I would love to know what goes on in his head to make him say the things he does and ask the questions he does."
It's obvious that alot of them like to pick on Kris Letang!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Poor Kris, He’s just an inquisitive soul.

Stephanie said...

Poor Kris is right! I have an inquisitive mind myself, so I can really relate -- I just think he's really into learning and becoming a better player right now; however, I believe some of the players have said before that if they didn't like you [Letang], they wouldn't tease!!