Monday, October 6, 2008

Rossi Showing the Blog Some LOVE!

My day was made yesterday when, in my daily Pens reading, discovered Rob Rossi mentioned my blog in his "Chipped Ice!" To quote one of my readers (and her friend), m-kim58, "holy awesomeness!"

As frequent readers are aware, I often cite Rossi's articles to post discussions on my blog and I'm a fan, so I just was so thrilled to have one of my posts make his blog. Here's the part of his blog which makes note of my post:

A few weeks back, a dear reader submitted a Q&A question and capped it by a request to give credit where credit was due. Apparently, a Penguins-themed site had posted, long before CI, a video of Bea Arthur and Mario Lemieux.

What makes you better than the rest of us? -- that was the question that closed the reader’s submission.

A back-and-forth with this dear reader came with a promise from CI to check out some of these Penguins-themed sites. A few days back, CI viewed one that left a lasting impression with a hysterical observation about the author’s constant promotion of defenseman Brooks Orpik for an alternate captaincy. Observe:


Good stuff, whomever.

I mean, how can I not be excited? He not only mentions the post on my blog, he actually says he likes it (and was amused, no less)!! How COOL is that?!! By the way, I WAS NOT the reader who submitted the Q&A question with the request for "credit" (just in case some of you were wondering because my husband asked me and I would assume others may have the same question).

Needless to say, I e-mailed him to thank him for the "props!"

If you read Rossi's entire blog he explains that someone he referred to as the "evil coffee lover" advised him not to read Penguins-related sites because they "would prove discouraging, at best, and spirit damaging, at worst," and continued that “Evil,” Coffee Lover said. “And that’s the best thing I can say about those people."

Which got me wondering whether the "evil coffee lover" isn't Rossi's alter-ego and he's openly confessing his dislike towards bloggers, but all kidding aside, I included in my e-mail that I was glad he decided to check out some of the blogs because alot of "us people" are pretty knowledgeable and half-decent writers.

I'm still on "[blog] cloud nine!"


Life_As_A_Redhead said...


I always have liked your blog, over all the "professionals".

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Kena - you're too kind!

Things seem to turn out better when people enjoy what they're doing (which is how I feel about my blog)!! I can be riding home or going to work and start hearing sentences form in my head for a post - I suppose that's a little obsessive, but I never turn my brain off because you never know where it will lead you (that's sounds like a bunch of craziness, but I'm open to the possibilities in everything).

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

No, it does not sound like crazyness. It actually sounds like me.

I get students (for the 4-H dog project) and I sometimes scare them with how obsessive? I am. "Plus the sports thing, which is really wierd for here".