Sunday, October 5, 2008

Have You Checked Out the New Arena Lately?

The ground where the new arena is being built has looked like nothing more than a giant kid playing in his sandbox moving the sand around from one pile to another these past few months, but I caught a glimpse of the LIVE arena cam on the Penguins webpage the other day and it's actually starting to look like something -- there appears to be what look like steps being "carved" into the dirt (see the picture in today's post - saved still of the LIVE arena cam) and it's beginning to take shape (SO EXCITING)!!

Everytime we make a trip to Pittsburgh, I've been trying to snap a picture of it so I can have a running catalog of the progress of the site. As one of my aunt's friends pointed out to me at dinner yesterday, we Penguins fans are a different breed -- AND I'M SO PROUD OF IT!!

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