Monday, October 6, 2008

Crosby is an Awesome Goalie!

No, I'm not talking about Sidney Crosby this time, but his younger sister Taylor!

According to Pierre LeBrun's blog, Taylor, age 12, made the boys' AA peewee team back in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia (she was on a girls team and has now made the transition to a boys league).

"I'm pretty proud of her because it's only her third year playing goalie," their father, Troy Crosby, said. "She went to the tryout and made the boys' team. I'm proud of her."

Since father Troy is a big Ken Dryden fan, both he and now his daughter wear number 29; Troy wore the number while playing goalie in the Quebec Major Junior League in the 80's. I also remember reading / hearing somewhere that one of Taylor's favorite NHL goalies is Roberto Luongo who was recently named Captain of the Vancouver Canucks.

Their family is just overflowing with hockey talent!

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