Monday, October 6, 2008

Oh Yeah, the Pens Lost

Well, I guess in order for me to be a well-rounded blogger, I have to cover both the good and the bad!

The Penguins ended their 10-day trip to Sweden with a loss to the Ottawa Senators, 3-1 and the only good thing about it was that Alex Goligoski scored a goal with less than 2 seconds left in the game to crush all hopes for a Gerber shut-out!!

Jarkko Ruutu was his agitating self and seemed to hound Crosby whenever possible -- not that I didn't understand before, but I've come to appreciate the sentiment that Ruutu is a player you love when he's doing dirty work for your team and don't when the dirty work is on your team! I still try to be unbiased where he's concerned because I don't want to be one of those "fans," but it's pretty hard not to resent him a little when he's bashing Crosby's head into the ice (it's his job)!! I'm wondering now if Ruutu didn't always wish he could do that to Sidney, but held back because he was on the same team, and now it's the perfect opportunity to just dish it out. I'll remain a Ruutu fan, but he's making it much easier to end my "mourning" his loss during the off-season (he's really good at what he does and no one can deny that which is why I'm torn because I was / am such a Ruutu fan, but I'm an even more of a die-hard Penguins fan)!!!

I'm looking forward to the home-opener on Saturday against the New Jersey Devils. Even though the season has started, for some reason it just doesn't feel the same without the team being in the US!!

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I know how this works.

One minute your rooting happily for your team... UNTIL... you hear one of your favorite players names... on the wrong side of the puck!!!! Then AGGGGHHH. Your brain starts hurting. Can *player* score/block a gillion goals, and your team still win??????

Happens to me EVERY time the Canadians play the Stars/Pens/Wild/Blues. Makes me nuts.