Monday, October 6, 2008

2 Pens Make Saturday's Top 3 on YAHOO'S Puck Daddy

Not surprisingly, YAHOO'S Puck Daddy lists his top 3 stars of Saturday's games and 2 of them are from the Pittsburgh Penguins; but even less surprising is the fact that it's Tyler Kennedy and Evgeni Malkin! In fact, Kennedy is his #1 star (he did have a pretty awesome game scoring the first goal of the game right off the bat (40 seconds to be exact) then ending it with the game-winning goal)!!

Wyshynski McKeon makes note of the fact that Kennedy can be overlooked with all the talent on the Pittsburgh team; however, I have always found him an entertaining player to watch and recognized the kid had something special (he just skates the hell out of everybody like the puck has his name on it -- I remember my dad telling me to think that way when playing basketball in high school and it's a trick that actually worked for me and it always comes to mind when I see Kennedy madly scramble for the puck like a man possessed!)!!

And how can you argue his #3 star, Evgeni Malkin?! The short-handed, unassisted, breakaway goal in itself is enough to convince me! That was simply a beautiful goal and you could just feel it in your bones that he was going to make it happen!! I must admit that I was slightly doubtful that his game would be elevated with stories of him having a girlfriend, but it looks like she's doing him some good -- see what love can do for a man?! That's great -- let's just hope they don't get into too many arguments!!


Anonymous said...

ya thats not wyshinsky, it's ross mckeon the yahoo editor

Stephanie said...

THANKS - correction made!