Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Guess Stan's Word IS Gospel!!

As you may recall, I was cutting on Stan Savran for opining that he did not think Janne Pesonen would remain on the Penguins NHL roster even though I usually take his word as "gospel!"
Well, I come to realize you just DON'T question Stan -- he IS THE MAN (after this, I've realized how true it really is) and as John, my husband, pointed out, he's been doing this alot longer than we have (I hate it when he's right)!!
Last night on "Savran on Sportsbeat," a caller asked him why he thought Bissonnette was kept over Pesonen and his answer went something like this:

Pesonen is a highly skilled player; a goal-scorer and wasn't meant to play on the 3rd or 4th line (which is where he would've been playing - no question), so his talents would be wasted if he was kept on the NHL roster. He can use the time in the AHL to get more accustomed to playing here.

What it comes down to is the fact that the Penguins have SO MUCH talent, they don't have room for more unless it's on the 3rd or 4th lines and to have players that actually are too good for those lines is amazing - I guess this is a good situation for the Pens to be in (I just don't like that it was a Pesi's expense, but that's life)! I would think that Pesonen understands this.

Just like Stan, the Penguins organization knows what they're doing and know of what they speak AND have been doing it longer than we have, so I'm sure this is the best decision for the team! I may not understand it / like it, but I trust it. They definitely have to have a plan in mind which has more and more become my mode of thinking since the decision was made (I agree with Kena and my husband who believe that Pesi will be back up before the season is over; and Kena is still holding on to the fact that Pesonen will be on Sidney's line - like I said before "never say never!!"). I continue to hold onto hope even after Pesonen has been sent down to the Baby Penguins.

This definitely isn't the last we'll be seeing of Janne Pesonen!

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