Friday, October 3, 2008

Pesonen is Cut (Roster Finalized)- I'M STUNNED!!

The Penguins have just announced that they've cut Janne Pesonen from the NHL roster to bring it down to 24 players.

See why I "never say never" (I would look like a complete fool instead of just a little foolish)!!

I just can't understand for the life of me why they're keeping Bissonnette and Thomas over Pesi (I'm sure they have a plan in mind which we all unfold soon)!

Pesonen will be re-assigned to the Penguins AHL affiliate WB / S Baby Pens upon the team's return to Sweden.

Hope it isn't long before we see you again in "the big leagues," Pesi (I'm sure it won't be long)!!

Here's a cool post from Jonathan Bomboulie of [WB] Penguins Insider (the graphic is SWEET)!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Yes, I am suprised. But I am not moving from my previous position (that of Pesonen/Crosby on the same line).

There are many reasons for a team to send somone back down to the minors. They do it all the time in baseball. (ex. they may feel that for the first part of their scedual the other two guys are a better fit against the teams they will be facing.).

I know that his contract, at first specified that he would go back to Finland if he did not make the "big" team. Then there was another article which stated he would accept the baby-pens, at first if that's what he needed to do. (I read that first article with my own eyes).

So if we sorta read between the lines, we can see that there is somthing in the works.

So I'll not be saying "never" either.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

An additional thougth occurs to me, in that it had to have taken resources to accuire Pesonen in the first place.

To think that he is just being dumped is not logical either.

akus said...

I tried to post this yesterday and the Gore was not liking me for some reason.

I am not shocked that Peso got sent down, I trust the higher-ups of the Pens with their knowledge of who should be on the team as of right now.

When Peso is ready, NHL wise, He will be flying on Mellon ice.

Biz Nasty & the other Baby Pens who now have an place on the NHL roster, will be either healthy scratches or have limited ice time.

In Shero We Trust.